A new kind of restaurant

SODO Kitchen is a place that showcases a passion for food, people and community. A local farmer and chef, working side by side sharing culinary experiences.

As you explore the restaurant, you experience foods from an array of culinary regions, prepared by passionate experienced chefs using the freshest ingredients, featuring authentic flavors from the Tandoor oven, or Italian inspired flatbreads from the brick oven. Discover the fresh, sustainable seafood at the grill with Fisherman Joe Malley’s sustainably caught St. Jude Albacore. The colorful salad bar showcases abundant ingredients sourced from local farms. It’s an experience created by an atmosphere rich with aesthetics and a dining room that is sometimes boisterous and energetic other times quiet and cozy, always connecting you to our community of food.

General Manager, Rick Stromire believes in food and has a passion for the very root of each ingredient. Each day is an opportunity for Rick to teach his team about the flavors of food and share with guests about the simple story of a seed, nurtured by a farmer whose mission is to grow the perfect ingredient used to create a delicious meal. In the kitchen, Executive Chef, Jim Cooley carries a tremendous respect for food. He cultivates that seed creating a flavorful meal from scratch, using those special ingredients and pouring every ounce of heart and soul into a feast with the hopes of evoking the same passion in our guests.

Food Recovery Certified - Food Recovery Network
Bon Appétit at Starbucks is fighting food waste and hunger by recovering surplus perishable food from our campus that would otherwise go to waste and donating it to people in need to Operation Sack Lunch!

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